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What do we do?

The FiSH Project seeks to support families who are struggling to provide food for their children during the summer holidays due to financial difficulties.child1

We give these families free vouchers throughout the summer that can be used at various local shops and businesses in exchange for food, milk and soft drinks suitable for children. The funds that we raise then reimburse the shops for the goods that they have so kindly made available.

The scheme has grown considerably, and last year provided over 100 families in Lincoln with £8.50 worth of food per child per week of the summer holidays. In 2016, we are expanding into more schools, meaning that our numbers will dramatically increase and so, we need your help to raise around £10,000 in order to support these struggling families.

The History of The FiSH Project

Originally, this initiative was set up through Monks Abbey Primary School, when they came to realise that families who would usually receive free school meals during term-time suddenly faced increased financial pressure throughout the holidays. In order to provide continued support for these families, Monks Abbey School Holidays (MASH) Meals was established, and for 12 years, addressed this issue successfully within the Abbey Ward area.

Now, the project is being adapted and re-branded in order that it can be used elsewhere in the city. Under the new name Food in School Holidays (FiSH), we have a steering group consisting of representatives from 3 local churches who seek to bring this essential initiative to the Bracebridge area and into our local schools.

What can you do?

  1. Donate!child2

This initiative could not continue without the generous financial support of so many over the years. If you would like to support The FiSH Project, please speak with your church leader.  You can donate online here (select ‘FiSH Project’ by the ‘My donations are for’ dropdown box).
You can also contact the project on (01522) 530730, or email:

  1. Pray!

We want this initiative not only to help people in their physical need, but to also demonstrate the love of Jesus to those we will support. Please join with us in praying for The FiSH Project.