1997 was a significant year for Lincoln Pentecostal Church (a small but faithful group of believers) as it was a point where it was either going to close or enter into something new.  After much discussion, the trustees of LPC asked Ken and Sylvia to take on the leadership under the covering of Emmanuel Christian Centre, Newark and as a result the same name was adopted here.

The name needed to change because the identity changed. LPC was now a part of a network of 4 churches all under the overall vision of Ken and Sylvia Morgan. The identity and security of the church was in this setup and the name had to reflect that.

From about 2006, it has become very clear that the relationship between the 4 ‘ECC churches’ was shifting from a structured one to a more relational one. For many years, Newark served as a ‘mother church’ to us, Ruskington and Collingham both in leadership structure and administration. Indeed, Ken Morgan, who oversaw the ECC vision stepped down from the leadership at Newark and handed over the reins to his son, Gareth.

As each church continued to grow and develop in all areas and in their own directions, another pivotal moment in the life of our church took place. One Sunday morning after the service, it became apparent that the building across the road from the church was up for sale (well, we already knew this) and there were other interested parties. The reason I say ‘other’ is because for many years, long before Siân and I took on the church, there have been people in the church that have said, and prophecies given that the church would one day own that building.

After some prayer, we decided to throw our hat into the ring and see what God was going to do. Ours was the lowest and least beneficial offer to the existing owners yet they accepted! The Bridge Community Venue was born. It is no coincidence that the church that I came from also had a community building called The Bridge. It was clear that God was pairing up a long standing vision for the church with leaders who had already experienced what it means to actively engage in the community.

Over the last 9 years, The Bridge has gone from a building project of the church to the very essence and ethos of who we are. Our passion and vision to be a ‘Bridge’ from heaven to earth has propelled us right back into the hub of this community. As people have been added to the church, they have immediately seen and experienced the culture of who we are and have thrown their lot in with us and some families have even moved house so they can be closer.

Over the past year, we have sort to shape our vision and articulate it in a way that expresses exactly who we are and what our purpose is. The ‘what’s in a name series’ during May and June came as the result of a clear download from heaven concerning our vision and purpose. Just as Habakkuk was given a vision from God and told to write it down so that someone could run with it, I believe I have been given a very clear revelation from God and I’m thankful that as it has been shared, the church are embracing it and running with it.  Now as we continue to move forward, we believe there needs to be a seal just as there was with Simon after he had received revelation of who Jesus was.

This is why on 17th September, 2011, we officially became:


We believe that the name makes our spiritual identity clear (we are a church) and the name ‘Bridge’ is clear and concise. The Bridge Community Venue is in many ways the ‘window’ of the church and by having ‘Bridge’ as a sole, dominant name, it ties everything together. This name will help us to express our vision and identity both now and in the future.

You are witnessing the start of an exciting journey. Why don’t you hop on board!